Sunday, 3 October 2010

World Cardmaking Day

Yes I *know* it was yesterday lol....

You don't want to know what happened yesterday- Enough to say was The Icing on a particularly crappy cake for this week .. Next Week Will Be Better..... Or else someone will feel my wrath ;) I'd sort of sorted my card but didn't stick it all til this morning

..and here she is :)

I'm pleased with her So That's OK Then....

Not entirely pleased as the sheets of images cost more than My Usual, yet the die cut wasn't really 'nice' and die cut and ripped some of them even though I've become Quite Proficient Indeed, Thanks at getting die cuts out without harming them...

Will have to make more with the other images when I can

Hope your week goes really well and if I'm not here in ages then You Know Where To Find Me ;)


G xxx


  1. Lovely card, very cute image

  2. Gorgeous colours in this one. The girls made cards for Card Making Day but put them in envelopes before I got piccies! Doh!