Monday, 4 October 2010

'Steam' and not-so-gorjuss cards....

Don't know if you can see from the photo, but that's what Little Myz calls Steam coming from the fence...

Plenty of it about round here as well as sparkly cobwebs... I don't think I've seen a house round here without them on the fence so We Must All Be A Bunch Of Scabby Mares in Colburn ;)

Made 2 not-gorgeous Gorjuss cards... been bored with my 'boring' way of making cards so just got anything that sort of matched the topper and bunged it on the card .. it was supposed to be in an arty way but I think maybe in future I'll Stick To Boring :P

This one Wasn't So Bad:

I would like to enter her into the purple challenge at Easy Craft Projects (if I can work out how to do it right (n00b! lol)

I hate this one.. stupid idea as you can see through the ribbon but I didn't have any not sheer and the bloomin paper was too small lol

Hope you are more arty crafty than I am today LOL

Very much hoping all the rain yesterday has washed the cr** from the past few months away and that it's A New Start and The Powers That Be will view me a little more favourably or at least that they will keep whingers away from me while I am Trying To Put A Brave Face On lol

*big hugs*

G xxx


  1. Oh they're lovely! I like them - they're a Myz original, and what's boring about your cards anyway? I would certainly be proud to receive one! :)

    I hope you feel perkier soon,

    Big Hugs xxx

  2. Lovely card, love the colours in the first one

  3. I love them - ESPECIALLY that red one! Gorgeous colour!

  4. I actually love how the red card looks with the see-through ribbon. It looks like a very posh effect!!

  5. I like them both...great colours and the dotty paper is so sweet. We had steam this car has more cobwebs than is good for a gal's reputation!!

  6. You are being WAY to hard on yourself - your cards are stunning, and so what if you can see through the ribbon - it looks fab!

    Love the steam - don't you think it makes the place look all spooky just in time for Halloween.

    Hugs Jaqui x