Friday, 21 February 2014

F F F Friday!

it is Friday. time to look back on good parts of week. remember. even though there can be lots of sadness and horrible in a week there aare always good bits if you look hard enough :)
1. snuggly doggins
she isn't very snuggly usually as she quite often hurts me when she tries to snuggle but when i@m having a particularly bad week she snuggles anyway. Snuggletastic
2. Monster bottoms!
This sight greets me whenever I come out of the Crypt of Agony on EQ2 (don't ask! lol) but it makes me smile even when not been there in a bit and sometimes LOL.. BUMS! :) so I took a photo and I can look at it whenever I want.. cos I am a naughty girl who laughs at BUMS :)
3. Warm Onesies
When you are stuck in bed alternating between very hot and freezing for no reason, a very cold snap mixed with radiators that don't work isn't a good combo. Unless you have a super doggie onesie. WOOF!
4- old photos
Spesh if they are as funny as this and if the son in question is now 16 and doesn't like his photo taken. So cute so cuuuuute lol. I have a bundle of go-to photos for weeks like these and they are awesomesauce :)
5- Scheduled posts
When blogger plays fair (not often for me as usually on my phone) it has some really cool features. Like scheduling. Schedule lots of posts or do when I can and then they can see me through times I can hardly even look at my phone. woooo
So.... photos, BUMS!, snuggly doggies and warm onesies.. oh my!
What has your week been like?


  1. Fab rendition of your week, although the bums picture frightened the daylights out of me LOL!

  2. Eurgh, I must not look at the bum pic again, I must not look at that bum pick again...

  3. Quite a mixture of photos there! I am glad you can see the good side of blogger. he has been a pain for me all weekend, but is finally letting me leave some comments.
    Have a good week. Kate x

  4. That is one weird freaky ass! :D

    Loving the piccies and you are right - no matter how poopy there is always something, no matter how small that was good. I have to try and remember that always as it is so easy... well, to not.

    x x x