Saturday, 27 March 2010

Carmen is Da Bestest Friend ever!

Isn't it funny how you can feel soooo close to someone you have never met?

My Carmen is one of them there those people...

She actually listens to what I have to say (Well, ok, type/text.... although I get the urge to actually phone her sometimes the thought always goes away lol.. people that talk to me In Real Life tend to change their opinion of me straight away :( ... )

This is usually either because I don't sound as Bouncy as I do when I type (No S*** Sherlock, lol... I don't actually have much energy lol so of course my voice sometimes sounds flat and depressed... excited chat takes it out of me lol....)

Or... if you catch me on a Bouncy-ish day... people are usually really amazed that A Person Like Me can speak with such a plummy accent ...

Anyway, I digress from my Carmen-Love.... :)

She seems to Be Me, if you see what i mean... the same worries, the same quandaries, the same everything... she seems as generous as me and I'm sure has been taken advantage of just as much as me...

I loves her....

I loves her completely to pieces....

She bought me my first Promarkers the other day...and today.... I get a Ninja Hug Bracelet!!!!!


I can now wear it every day and Feel The Love even if I'm not on the PC... I can hear her talk to me even if I'm not well enough to be on the PC and am in bed feeling a bit sorry for myself... saying Hey Gaily, I likes ya and can;t wait to chat with yas again.....

I loves you Carmen!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmwah! (specially for Carmen not nobodies elses, ok??!!??! lol)

Think it's Time For My Medication..... ;)

G xxxxxxxx


  1. Back off people them's mine all mine ;) ;)

    Yep I listen so hard I even hear stuff you don't even say! LOL!

    Believe it or not, I haven't phoned you for exactly the same reason but opposite. I sound like I have a permanent cold... ok I do sometimes have a cold but more often than not I don't and I get sick of people on the phone saying 'oooooh you sound awful' Gee thanks. So now I just agree with them and say how bunged up I am when really I just talk rubbish. Plus I sound really common. Even Craig can't understand me sometimes. Plus I'm a bit shy and people expect you to be all wheeeeeeeeeee on first contact :P

    Actually we'd be alright on first contact - you'd be knackered, I'd be shy - we could just rent a dvd and grunt at each other now and then while eating cake! There's a plan! First meeting sorted! ;)

    Loves you too Gaily *mwwaaaaaaaaahhh*