Saturday, 13 March 2010

Mothers Day Present

Sorry for lack of insane chatter- still mostly dizzy but just thought I'd let you know I managed to finish mum's present in time- phew

hm why is everything underlined :(


Gail xx


  1. That is so pretty and useful too - the perfect gift! Your mum's going to love it x

  2. WOW!! Thats really gorgeous, such neat stitching too! I be your Mum will be thrilled when she opens it tomorrow xx

  3. That's gorgeous.

    Hope you feel better soon.x

  4. Oh well done. It's lovely, am sure she'll be really thrilled.

  5. This is beautiful Gail, something she will treasure I'm certain of.

    BTW random oddity. If you click to enlarge the second photo down and scroll up and down. It looks like the ferny thing to the side is waving at you. Wheeeee.

  6. LOL so it does... that's my duvet cover.... WAH it's got waving aliens in! lol