Thursday, 17 January 2013

What's rocking my week- week 3

Hello xxxx

Not good week this week pain and mobility what's new lol...buuut I have found some gemmy gemmingtons there for your perusal :)

Less weight

Lost 3lb this week. Ok so been quite unwell even for me so next week there might be very bad news there...but this week It's a woooooo lol

New things

Made a new thing this week.roasted chick peas. Photo on health blog.they were quite num.always worth trying something new even if you have to spend all 40 mins sat on your arris by the oven so you can turn them lol

Pretty things

Made some pretties this week.hopefully next week I'll make some not so pretties that little myz won't covet lol

Will try to get someone to link this up and move some shizz about later but til then I bid you goodbye and give you some lovely hugs to get you through week


  1. Yay you linked I was going to do it for you - but you've beaten me too it! Sorry you've had a rough week - but yay for the weight loss and yay for new foodie items and I'm not at all surprised that little Myz commandeered your gorgeous crafting - awesome stuff.

    I hope that your body is kinder to you this next week .


    1. She just covet for now.the rings even though.they are size of teen. I think maybe people who haveworse weeks try to post.other people too busy being fun to post one to tidy post for me and link.hugs xx

  2. I love your pink wonder Little Myz covets them...they're gorgeous!
    So sorry you've had a bad week pain wise...hope the weekend and next week will be better for you.
    Liking the sound of roasted chick peas...yum!
    Hugs xx

  3. cute makes there.... hope you feel better soon jenx