Sunday, 20 October 2013


Negatives trying to creep in again I'm getting assed off with it now Tbh. Go away you buggers.... Maybe more Hurty and tired cos of last Monday or that we have all been floored a bit by the virus towards end of week. Staring and staring at my lovely cards ppl have sent me before works usually. House gets v dusty so I thought yeah go on put a couple in frames and you can keep them fresh
These are from Diance and Sarah. I cna't seem to upload photos right I will have to play about when I am more pc friendly #:(
 People are there for me...if I only ask!!
People care
I make ppl laugh
I make ppl happy (sometimes lol)
I have finished some cute Christmas stitches this week. A mooey cow a Christmas owl and something else.Will post when I can x

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