Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chocolate Marshmallows

Today I have been brightened by little myz' face eating my chocolate covered marshmallows.I feel better when I make people happy.it is cool.it sometimes only takes a small thing to make me happy. Unfortunately same the other way I seem to suck emotions so if you are in bad mood stay away :-D :-P
Staying away from facebook mostly still. Don't know why I didn't stay away more in past when at bad time.all my friends know how to contact me outside fb anyway B-)


  1. She so takes after you with her facial expressions :D

    That second one she looks like she is in Heaven! :D

    There's a word for someone who feels emotions like that - is it empath? Something like that.

    1. I haven't tried one myself but the main consensus among adults is chocolate with no sprinkles next time.... I put forward the idea that I could do marshmallow covered in white chocolate with baby marshmallows on the outside. Met with mmmmm's so maybe I shall if it's possible... also, I need to focus more on the syn free as I am making things that I can't really eat much of at the moment .. my first foray into low syn jelly treats went titshaped but watch this space...lol