Saturday, 26 October 2013


Just a simple one today.tough week.hopefully less mobile in house because of the viruses we all been saddled with. Just gets me down when even the things I can I do in house gets taken away from me.

Aaanyway, smiles....little myz has a smile that can melt icebergs and today I was hit by a SuperDeDuper smile from a different source. Little myz was playing upstairs but someone kept knocking at door. I dragged myself to the door in flayed tortoise fashion to find her friend there with suuuuch a gorgeous happy smile that it made my heart go wheeeeeeee...

Little things like these can be really huge things to me. Maybe that is why I am being caged here. to catch the smiles, feel better and when I can make things to send out to people that make them smile? Who knows....but there has to be a reason 

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  1. Awww you are a smile catcher! Sending you one from my neck of the woods xxx