Sunday, 6 October 2013

Being Positive


The past week I have been trying and trying and trying to keep positive. Negativity keeps creeping in. It has a habit of that doesn't it. I would love to go for a walk and clear my head. I can't. Not at the moment. With everything going on that isn't surprising I gguess...but I am An Impatient Thing... So I did start putting positive pix on FB and I don't know about you but at the moment when I go on there there is always this sense of negativity for the most part it is difficult to weed through and find the lovely bits from my friends that would make me smile. I don't even know if this makes sense I am writing it over a while and checking it over but my brain is very foggy what with one things and another. Should soon be better I hope.

..but I am not letting the negativity suck what energy I do have! So I am going to use my blog instead and come here to look at my fun stuff and happy times :) I did consider using subversive myz to put down my bad things but... what use would that be>? It wouldn't be helpful would it lol

Ok so....

(1) Being productive when I can

mmm cupcakies

mm cake poppies
I didn't have one but Little Myz seemed to enjoy as did a lady from up the road :)
(2) Finishing Important Stuff that I wanted to send people who matter a great deal to me

(3) Smurfette!

I gots a Smurfette and she makes me feel better- so there. Go Go Smurfette! :)
(4) Making A Proper Start for Christmas
I think this is having a rest lol I can't show everything as lots are surprises but I have managed to MAke A Proper Start despite everything and have ordered some presents online too

Ok so that is it. To remind myself to shove anything up on my blog that is positive that I can access while having lay downment and have a smile at.
What a messy  blog post. Aw I don't care it is A BLOG POST SO no whining :P


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely stuff Mrs R. I post everything I make on my blog as a way of keeping track. I used to post almost every day but only do it once or twice a week now x

  2. Ooh so many blog posts I have missed.

    I know what you mean about FB. I rarely check my feed now and only really go on to post in groups - hence, miss most of the negativity. The only feed I do check is my arty one and that's just lots of arty crafty goodness to look at and go "oooh".

    Love this post x x