Sunday, 7 February 2010

Blog Hits

Oooh I managed to put a blog hit counter at the top of my blog

It's supposed to tell me how many unique hits I get on my blog I know whether it's really worth it or should I just email any
photos to my 3 friends who seem to keep coming here...without even
being prodded :)

The problem with blogs is that peop,e can come to a blog and read all
your posts- and you'd never know unless they left a comment...

Not sure how it works though as surely unique hits would mean it would
use people's IP addresses or something?

.... but it's a new toy so I'll give it a go.. maybe I'll actually jazz
up my blog one day when I find out how to make it less boring :)

Going through rather a 'meh' blogging stage at the moment, I'm blogging
when I can but my heart isn;t in it

...but all those lovely generous people out there that make all those blog
candies I have found over the past few days have made me realise blogs *are*
worth it I think....

...not only for their candies but going to blogs you don't usually go to could inspire you to make something different, something you usually wouldn't even have thought of making before you got that flash of inspiration from a new person's blog

That prob didn't make sense- off for a rest now and I'll prob delete this later as it's as full of sense as a yogurt lol



*EDIT* hmm while I wrote that my hit counter went up to 3.... surely that isn't right? ... and how come my waffle looks really stilted? lol.... it's possibly going along with my state of mind atm ... rofl


  1. its a good idea as i got one last week and then you definately know how many times your blog is visited xx

  2. I keep toying with the idea of one but then thinking will it depress me if it doesnt move!!! Bad enough thinking Im a Billy no mates without adding to it!!! lol X

  3. lol at ali . i'd be the same . Mortified that people look at my crap and gutted if they didn't makes a lot of sense not. But no idea how to add one anyway .
    Good on you though gail.

  4. Ooh it says 13 now.... does that mean if any of you come back tomorrow it won't go up?

    I was hoping the answer to that is yes and then I'll know how many people come here if you see what I mean?

  5. CG- I got mine here

    That's for the style I have but you can choose from loads! You fill in that form and then it gives you a whole bunch of numbers and letters...

    Go to customise top right of blog and click 'add a gadget' then click on the box that says html/javascript and paste what you cut in there voila there you go :)


  6. That's why I like the one I have on mine - the feedjit thingy - It shows you where people came from, what blog they came from, and where they went after you. That's another good way of finding different blogs. Plus you get to kind of recognise which ones are your friends coming back and which ones are new ones.

    Your blog isn't stilted, it's like you are having a conversation that we just join in with - I love your style of blogging ;)

  7. By stilted I meant that the words are all set out wrong - stupid word wrap not wrapping mah words! :)

  8. But really - if you want to blog, the reader numbers are just validation aren't they..we all blog becasue we want people to visit and see what we're up to...leaving comments is a long job; somedays at my blog the hit rate suggests 1 in 4 leave a comment. On other days it can be 1 in's not science though I don't think - it's old fashioned good manners - the more you visit and comment, so people are polite and come to you...and then it's up to you - keeping them coming is the trick if you want a massive hit rate!

  9. Julia- I suppose I just wanted to know whether anyone was coming here besides you Carmen and Rainmac for the most part lol. It takes time to blog and I thought maybe if the only people coming were you 3 I may as well stop. I don't have much energy right now and my stuff isn't earth-shattering (In fact some is only just passable as stay-out-of-the-bin!) I comment on a lot of blogs, not so that they will come to mine, but so that I can tell them how good their work is- the only problem being I haven't even seen *one* blog that's as dire as mine so it's a little depressing...but I might get ideas :)

    Not interested in massive hit rates- just wondered whether anyone that hadn't commented had actually read what I wrote :) .. will prob take it down soon :)

  10. Oh so we aren't enough for you to keep your blog running? *Sob, sob, sob* That's nice that is! *sob, sob, sob* See and I just came over to tell you about an award for you on mine too and now I've got it all soggy. *Bwaaaaaaah*