Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I've Magged My Pic! lol

Ok...so it's crafty-ISH lol

...but digital doodling have set a challenge to go to magmypic and play about with your photos and stuff and let them know what you come up with. There's potential for cute little kid mag covers but i really liked this one...

Sums me up in one word....

Ooh yeah baby! ... go and have a go you know you want to!



  1. This is bril! Thanks for taking part in the Digital Doodling challenge and for being such a good sport :D

  2. LOL! I love it! Such a poser too :P Must have a play in a minute.

  3. Oh it's brill..took me a sec to clock the title!

  4. cool, mums right you are a poser lol it's really good.

  5. LOL you cheeky pair Carmen and Devon!

    I took it years ago when I'd had a new haircut I was trying to get it into the picture taken by my camera phone...I wasn't posing :P

  6. Oh great mag cover!

    Thanks for visiting my blog & entering my candy - best of luck!

    Jan x