Thursday, 25 February 2010

I'm Superrrrrrr!

...thanks for asking!... ;)

(LOL I reaaalllly love that song but it's so Un-PC.... although that line is all I ever sing so I think it's the tune I like more than anything hehe... and if you don't know what I'm talking about then good for you... ;) )

Anyway, finally finished a few of the Marvel Superhero cards I've been working on so thought I would share them with you. Some worked a lot better than others but hey, the crap ones make the good ones look even good-er-er :)

This one looks wayyyy too squished up....

This one's ideal for if someone saves you from in front of a speeding train.... I guess it's a very closed market for this one but I ran out of sentiments for Hulk rofl...

These are defo huge pics so I put the sentiment inside ;)

See what I did here? Take a perfectly good layer from the big decoupage and make it into a shite card! lol

..these are my faves below, for 2 reasons

1) Wolverine does it for me (blush)
2) The X-Men backing paper was the only one that went with any of the creations!

So.... for the spiderman ones I am looking for a spider web embossing folder... if anyone knows where the cheapest is gimme a yell... I think the Spiderman ones would look excellent on a web background!

..also, anyone who knows why I keep getting text here as I try to make the post please let me know why I don't get the actual pics any more... it takes me twice as long to blog lol... have I pressed something I shouldn't on my settings or did they change it a la Facebook...

i.e. they think it's progress but everyone hates it!!!!

Hope you like the cards


Gail xxxx

p.s. I got the images and stuff from Ebay on the cheap for about £20 but create and craft sell them here for about 30 :)

Ah here they are Ali ;) £21-25 including postage .. hey if anyone buys them mention my blog they might send me pimping freebies? lol


  1. Myz - you crack me up - and I havent a clue which song it is!!! Aaaanyway - just wanted to say those cards are fab - sorry cant see any shite ones!! where did you get the images from pleeeaaasssee x

  2. I've put the url to the create and craft set in the post in case anyone else wants to know. LOL you can't see any crap ones? Pop down here to Catterick and take a look and you'll see them ;) .. maybe they look better in photos hehe xxx

  3. The are FAB cards! No shite in sight. May have to get some of those images myself as many of the males in my family (& some of the females, i.e & sil) are comic book mad).

    Have you clicked on the html tab at the top of the box you write in instead of the compose one?

    As for wolverine ... well I like Hugh Jackman who plays him in the movie, but prefer him in Van Helsing, its the lovely long hair, phwaoh!! lol

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh I love him in Van Helsing! Yum!

    How did I miss this post? These are flipping amazing cards. Can't decide which one I love best... Think it might be the rock one or FLAME ONNNN!

    I have some spiderweb paper - not embossed just paper. And I also have a super gorgeous lush furry spiderweb paper that I can send you. You must promise to stroke it for a long time before you cut it though... I've been stroking it for about a year *g* Might be worth a try till you get an embossing folder?

  5. Don't send me anything you'd regret... you don't want anything gorgeous being ruined by one of my cards- lol

  6. NPs Ali... coming down to see them then? ;)

  7. Fab cards lady, my boys are into super heroes so I know who they all are x