Thursday, 19 August 2010

Little Devil Scrap page

Just a quick one. PC time severely limited after the holiday :(

Before I went away I set up this layout and decided if I still liked it when i got back I'd apply glue and finish it off...

So here it is :)

Hope you like it




  1. oooh i like it. Pretty little devil though isn't she and cheeky too i bet lol.

  2. Loving the colour combinations - one of my favourites - it's great sometimes to leave things and then come back to them!

  3. I love it :D The colours and papers 'n' everything work so well. Love how you did the title ;)

  4. That's fab - I absolutely love the title! And lucky you being able to find it when you got back. My darling little pussy cat likes to stomp all over my desk when I'm not there, and drag various left-over embellies up the stairs for a quick chew. Bless.