Sunday, 22 August 2010

My 3rd scrap page

Wasn't entirely sure whether to post this....

..been working on it a while but it only seemed to go backwards...

...never mind, we all have to start somewhere so I'm posting it

Whether or not I'll delete the post is undecided right now lol.....

On The Real Thing eyes seem to be first drawn to the cake as it's sparkly and more proud of the surface than anything else, then attention gets drawn to the middle photo as the brown is intentionally darker than the rest of the page

..which is what I wanted.....

....but still not entirely sure it 'worked' ....

Hubby despairs and says, "Well you didn't expect to be great straight off did you?"

..well actually yes I did.... lol... I've spent so long at The Planning Stage you'd think I'd be making masterpieces right now!!!!! :)

goodness me though what a lot of ribbon! lol

It originally had journalling on but we decided It Was Too Much so it didn't make the final cut.... general consensus was that there are words on the backing paper so it was agreed it could be classed as A Scrap Page...just ;)




  1. from the photo it looks great...perhaps a title top left to help with distracting from the cake???

  2. Ooh maybe :)

    That's where I had the journalling but of course it was Far Too Many Words for the little space....didn't think of replacing it with just a title d'oh :)

    Thanks for commenting! xxx

  3. I agree with Sarah, a title will balance it out nocely. Tis a fabb LO hun xx

  4. Lovely page Gail :) I agree with the title suggestion too. Doesn't have to have journalling to be classed as a scrap page y'know. I sometimes write on the backs of mine if I don't want any writing on the front.

    Tis lovely :)

  5. I agree, a title would be the perfect finishing touch.

  6. I almost never journal on my layouts, lol. I think you did a great job!

  7. It's a lovely scrap page - look at those black things in the corner, whatever they are, they're in a straight line, I always get mine wonky and it spoils the page, I think.

    And yeah, you do need a title, altho it took someone else pointing it out to make me see, lol