Thursday, 27 May 2010

Dad's Prezzie and card

Gone coaster mad now that I have eventually found some that will fit cross stitches in without copious amounts of glue and a tatty look as a result...

Here in case you wanted to know for the cross stitch items

So here's dad's present for Sunday..

... a rather apt coaster apart from the fact that he drinks lager not beer but maybe he won't notice ;)

We sent 2 of my super hero cards to him- one from Gary and me and the other from the kiddie winkles...

Little Myz wrote inside her card

Awww...Happy Grandad! hehehe ... quite impressed actually, she's 5 next month *beams like a proud mummy*

Eek .. running out of coasters now though... no more money left in PayPal so I'd better start selling the children lol....

I also seem to have lost 4 pounds this week somehow.... and Gary is in ideal weight range now... so time to start the cream spiking of his dinners ;)




  1. Well done on the weight loss :D Love the coaster - very apt indeedy!

  2. Coaster is great, I hope they get some more in soon!
    And well done on the weight loss