Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hello :)

Did you miss me?

What do you mean no? lol....

Not feeling too brill but finished off a couple of little cross stitches

This one is for Samantha to fashion into a card for Gary in a few weeks... it's from Cross Stitcher magazine but I left off his spiky hair to make him look more like Gary :)

Sorry about the dire photo quality..I hope you can see it in all the darkness lol

This one I've finally finished... it looks dudey but I really don't like cross stitching things like this as the backstitching doesn't go along the lines and it's all shaggy...my poor needle cries with the effort lol

Lastly, those of you who read my weightloss blog will already know but the gorgeous Carmen sent me some flowers the other day... they were in bud so they are getting better and better every day :)

Really not feeling good at all recently and it's lovely to get such splendid surprises from her and Tricia... love em love em love em! Never met either one of them but I'm Hoping To One Day lol......

Currently working through this to give my mum for her 60th birthday later on this month...hope I get it finished... ah well these things are worth waiting for ;)

I hope you are all ok and feeling crafty! xxxxxx

Yours weighing-lessily-but-feeling-much-worsily

G xxxxxx


  1. ooh love the one from samantha lol at the hair comment.
    I hate kits like that one with the horrid shaggy backstitching but someone must enjoy doing em or they wouldn't make em. lol.

    Beautiful flowers and i love the colours

  2. LMAO at your Mums pressie! Good tip, good tip!

    I love your teddy I always marvel at your stitching it always looks like it's been so skillfully coloured in and not stitched. You are so clever. I love the baldy man too :P

    The flowers look gorgeous :D You are worth it and we WILL meet one day :D