Thursday, 24 June 2010

Mum's Present

Finally finished Mum's present....

..only by taking loads of shortcuts tho :(

I missed out all the border and didn't do any french knots lol...

..but she liked it and I just got a text saying that she's just got the joint present. Both my sisters and I bought her a Gyrocopter session lol.....

Here's to a few weeks of rest craft wise and not worrying about having stitching or omg-I-Got-A-Card-To-make deadlines...

I did want to stitch Little Myz summat for her birthday next week but I'm sure she'll be happy if I give her something later on in the year lol

..I've found some Thomas the Tank Engine things too that I started when son-of-mine was wee!

Hoarders-r-us lol

G xxx


  1. Yep am in the Hoarders-R-Us club too :P

    Love the cross stitch - blimey your Mum is adventurous with the Gyrocopter isn't she?

  2. Whoo hoo that's fab. Your mum must be a very brave lady or a very adventurous one.
    Re the thomas are you going to finish it and give it to him ? I bet his face would be a picture . lol

  3. Hehe I wasn't doing it for him but I was just saying when I bought it... I like Thomas so I'm finishing him- it's only right hehe

    Bit bemused about the gyrocopter- mum can't go on theme park rides as it's too scary.. I thought this would be the same but apparently she's always wanted to so.....

    Go for it mum :)