Thursday, 24 June 2010

Anniversary Frolix

Ok bad bit first. Someone cleaned out my bank account by buying Amazon gift certificates yesterday..... not sure how they did it as we check for key loggers and malicious oojimaflips every day on our PCs but there you go.. these things's being sorted, blah blah... just those of you in phone contact with me just be aware I'll be prone to moments of angry outbursts (which for me is actually crying... when I get angry I cry....go figure! )

Anyway...good stuff!!!!

Yesterday was out 9th wedding anniversary.... Gary had raided my craft stash the previous day and MADE ME A CARD!!!! Yes, he made me a card! ... and it's a really lovely card too!!! Ok so he opened my new pack of Letraset rub ons and stencil that I'd won but hey... now they are opened maybe I'll use them! lol...


I'd actually made the topper but lost it.. he seems to have found it lol but I don't mind :)

We weren't buying presents but he said he'd ordered me a surprise the other day. yesterday he started saying don't get your hopes up it's crap.... blah blah.. so I pressed him and found out that while looking for stash for the card he'd seen what he'd my stash.... and it hadn't even been opened..... having a sneaky look on my shelves at lunch time yesterday all I could see were Promarkers I'd won with the letraset stuff and not used yet as I've been stitching when I can not making cards since I won..... I didn't like to presume though, but my heart was racing....

Then came the post man!

Ooh lookee! Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter promarkers .. I'd won spring and autumn but didn't have the others.... I gave him suuuch a huge hug and grin and told him the Spring and Autumn were colours that would see a load of bashing so it would be lovely to have two

Wasn't it a really considerate surprise gift??!!???

For the anniversary meal I made Slimming World friendly onion bhajis and quorn sausages and I made this cheesecake for the first time.... it was the best cheesecake I have tasted in AGES! Even when I ate 'real' cheesecakes.... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

At weigh in this morning Wii Fit said I'd lost 4 pounds (I make it 3 1/2 on blog to get BMI right though lol) so not pigging out anniversary wise was probably A Good Thing .... it's Little Myz' birthday next week though and she's decided she wants Pizza Hut..... so you think I could possibly put on all 31 and a half pounds again eating pizza next week?

Little Myz made me a lovely card too to cheer Mummy up....

Very lovely!

So apart from the cash situation (being sorted though) a really nice day....

Will post mum's birthday present later as she's opened it now :)



  1. Oh how lovely - I love his card xx

  2. Don't let the bar stewards get you down! Grrrr! Gorgeous pressies, gorgeous day by the sound of it if you ignore the cr@p. Going to SO make that cheesecake!

  3. Fab card by gary tell him he's braver than tony and tell samantha she did a really fab job i love hers too.