Friday, 11 June 2010

Has it happened?

Helloooo Virtual Friends That Live In My PC,


For weeks I have been waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen....

Something I could do myself that would give me a happy boost if you know what I mean...

My weight loss has seemed to stop or slow a lot....

My wobblies and headaches have come back with a vengeance so sometimes I can't even move about without being so dizzy I fall over or go bleuurrgghh...

..and for the last few days craft things I pick up tend to fall to pieces... earlier today I did a bit of mum's cross stitch and actually buggered the whole thing up! ... so I'm going to have to start again..... and we're seeing her next weekend! *sigh*

Lots and lots of blubbing which really doesn't help my energy levels (Idiot Myz At Your Service...)


I think something has happened today.....

I think I've actually made something that I'm proud of.....

Months ago Carmen sent me a really lovely strokeable web paper for my Spiderman cards I want to make. I have had everything cut up and ready for a while but didn't want to use it as it was so lovely. A couple of days ago I decided, yes, I was going to use it on a card I thought....

So big wobblies calmed earlier to smaller wobbies today and I really needed a boost so I grabbed my glue gel... and got on with it....

I wanted to make it look like he was crawling on the web... Little Myz is impressed... but then again Little Myz cheered at me earlier when I made it all the way up the stairs wobbly lol..... so maybe She Is Too Easily Pleased ;)

*drum roll*

(lol you're going to hate it aren't you?...)

What do you think?




  1. I love it! Brilliant spidey card. x

  2. that is fab! Looks very professional.

  3. It's brilliant and totally the effect you were aiming for! I don't think Little Myz is easily pleased - she knows what an achievement both things were for you today. Hope she is giving you lots of cuddles :)

  4. whoo hoo that card is fab i love the web paper and it's so how you wanted it to be. my 9 year old grandson just said it's super cool.