Monday, 28 June 2010

Calendar Bears


Putting myself out there.....

All this was stitched over 10 years ago.... and I am vowing to have it finished by the end of the year....

May backstitch and all of June....

Do you think I'll do it?



G xxx


  1. Oh it's gorgeous. And yeah, you'll do it. I have a coupl of Poppies from about 18 years ago need finishing, and the alphabet sampler I started when my only child was born...17 in 4 weeks!! Take heart, for at least you have finishing intentions!!

  2. You'll do it Gail - it's gorgeous! Love the ghostie bear ;p

  3. come on finish it you know you want to . then i can see what mine should look like . I've still got 8 and a half bears to go. pmsl. The one you haven't done yet is the one i did first.