Monday, 14 June 2010

Not Going Well....

So what's new? *sigh*


Somehow not sure it's going to be finished by the weekend...

Ah well...


p.s. ooh it's upside down sorry lol


  1. it's looking good. Stop stressing and just enjoy stitching it when you can. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait for whoever it's for.

  2. It's for my mum's 60th... this weekend- lol

    it's the one I posted about the last post :)

  3. It is coming along lovely though. You should try and relax about it (I know - easy to say from this side of the screen) but the more stressed you get the more chance there is you will make a mistake. It's lookibg fabby from here :D

  4. It is looking fabby - and of all the people who will be happy to receive it a bit late rather than have you upset - your MUM! Keep going, it's going to be lovely.