Sunday, 17 April 2011

Easter Shennanigans

(Can't be fiddle arsing about... not atm.. this will either go live half 6 Sun evening or won't hehe....)

I don't know whether it's because I love my kids more this year (hmm prob not, lol...) or that because of certain things that have happened making me more aware of our mortality etc, etc... Make The Most Of Things While You Can.... you never know when you may lose someone type thing.. I decided to Make The Effort to make something for the kids this year instead of buying a few eggs and hoping for the best lol..... After all they will soon have flown the nest and I'm sure they won't be wanting silly knitted toys hehe.... and I'm aaaalways making things for other people all year round and the kids only seem to get things birthdays or Christmas..hehe...

I started preparations quite early, worried about maybe health wobbles etc...thinking..thinking..thinking about what I could do.. and a plan started to form

Hello... we is Bunneyz....

We were closely followed by Da Chickz....

We jumped on various yummy eggs....

Then made a nest where we laid quite a few more ickle eggs...

Bad Gaily then decided to hide all the little eggs under some more crepe paper so it looked like they only got 2 little eggs on top and the rest would be a surprise..

..and then everything was hidden under copious amounts of whatever-this-stuff-is and tied it with a bow:


...but they isn't getting it again innit :)

Too Much Like Hard Work atm....

..I like to keep busy tho at the mo so it was fun....

..and the eggs are all wrapped up now so I don't get tempted by them during the week if I have a major wobble...

...reeeesult :)



  1. Vodka. Major wobble, Vodka. Or not?

    Luffly eggy things, kids are very lucky! x

  2. Big huge hugs and squishes. I know exactly what you mean - is why I'm hobbling round the zoo with the girls tomorrow. We bought the tickets last summer hols and were waiting for a back pain free week - er, yeah. Don't want them growing up and when I'm gone only remembering me moaning about a bad back and them never getting to do stuff in the hols :(

    Your pressies are gorgeous - the kids will love them!

    Hehe - only you would spot Alice in my cartooning *g*

  3. AAAAAWWWWW so cute. They are soooo cute! Lucky kiddiwinkles. Very clever missus!! Love them. Hugs. Jaqui x

  4. Clever clog! The egg warmers look fantastic! x