Saturday, 16 April 2011

Hellooo... quickie update

Hopefully this post will work.. the one on my weightloss blog took ages to post stupid blogger....

Got a date for my op/procedure whatsit- May 11th- so at least, as Jaqui says, it will be over in a month or so.. hopefully on the up after that.... it's bad enough with the ME/Fibro but dang if life wants to throw summat else in the mix we'll cope with that too! hehe

Have been posting lots of stuff on Facebook.. got let down again with the whole 'ooh gail make me some cards and I'll buy 3 or 4' shite again :( .. now I have a pile of Easter cards I can't do anything with :( .. so been going thru stuff that I haven't uploaded yet and some newish things too but here's some for those of you without FB

Made lots of earrings but these be my favourites as they have a story behind them.... bought some gorgeous ornate beads from China a while back and when they finally arrived... muuuch smaller than I thought lol :

Little Myz and I had a play with shrink plastic, with varied results:

Sorry Little Myz for spoiling your Hello Kitty one :(

I think I like my stained glass one best... but look at that black and purple diamond one on the left of the photo.... if you hold it up to the light it looks awesome.. on the plate it looks cruddity crud

..but lookie at my Hello Kitty necklace... rock on!

Well that's all from me for now but hope that will keep you going for a while. Weightloss not going so well so have been experimenting with comfort food Slimming World stylee with varied results... it's just my bod at the minute with all its coping with I guess.... once the nasties are eradicated who knows it may all drop off...

..but for now I'm trying to stick to it even though the scales show a gain of 1-2lb a mth.. still lost over 40 and it may all drop off once the nasties go...

..a girl can hope can't she? :)


G xxxx


  1. Love the shrinkie creations and kitty necklace!

    I must admit to have been a bit of a naughty one with the plan and wallowing in self pity but will get back on it this week and start updating my blog. Fingers and toes crossed for when you have the op!

  2. Heeeeellllllooooo again. Great shrink plastic and what did you do to Little Myz' Hello Kitty?? That's really crap of whoever it was that ordered your cards and then didn't take them. They should be slapped! Everything crossed for you for next month too. Huge hugs... MMMWWWAAAHH. Jaqui x