Friday, 10 June 2011

Rocking Your World Friday

(been writing since wednesday-ish lol just so could finally post)

Ok. So I'm sat at home with minimum potterage... still quite a bit of painage and no going outside age....

...but there must be some things this week that have rocked my world?

Been thinking about it since yesterday and... here they are!!!!

(1) My massagers

Help really well with the painage and sufferage... this usb one is the nuts... and also I have one I use on my legs and feet in the bath which has little balls inside that I think have fairies in... cos they are sooo goood..... I likes those fairies :)

(2) My wonderful kids

They have been brill the past few weeks. Ok, so son-of-mine has teenager hormones and Little Myz has a tendency to chatter chatter sing and chatter all day...usually at high volume... but when the chips are down they are so helpful :) As they is the only kids I has and am ever going to have.... I am glad that I have been left with these ones not worse ones (*)

My delightful 5 year old came home with this yesterday... for those of you without such ickle ones now we aren't allowed to correct spelling (??!!??) as they write phonetically.... I am very much hoping I'll be allowed to hothouse her spelling wise soonish... as it's driving me up the wall... but if you can read it... it's really really sweet......


Happiness is light purple
Sparkling firework make me happy
Happiness is cuddly teddies
Happiness smells like strawberry cake
Happiness tastes like minty ice cream
Happiness sounds like calming songs

*sniff* she definitely makes me happy!!!! (

(3) my crafting

Have been able to finish various things this week so even though I can't do the stand uppage my concentration is a lot better than it was so yeay for that. It definitely lifts my mood to be able to create something that will last for a while (or finish it off)

I am proud of something else I managed to finish off this week but I can't blog that... not yet at least as it hasn't been given to said blokie yet. Nothing Earth-shattering but it's better than a card and a slap on the back hehe.. and I like it.. I might make one for me :)

(4) Good Food

Ok, so my body is doing ***** things at the moment and major failing all over the place, but at least I can put into it tasty food for when the amblage gets sorted and I can have a nice wander. Who knows what's going in there but I can try as much as I can to put nice healthy food in when I can bear making the blooming stuff (which is another positive as I can stand up more now than last week.. get in!)

(5) Being Positive

I must admit, this week has been a tough one for me but do you realise how much different your face can look when you contort it into various positions? :)


Note the cruddy eyes lol..


Heyy..where'd those cruddy eyes go??? lol

try it and see ;)

..and then hook up with Virginia... our Mighty leader...

Big hugs!!!!!

G xxx

(*) you do realise, though, that I reserve the right to slate them, swear about them and generally have a go about them in my next post as it won't be a Friday? .... :P


  1. What a fabulous and funny post - esp. the photos. I'm going to nip to the nearest mirror and try it for myself. :)
    Pleased things are improving for you stand uppage wise and that you are crafting. Perhaps your mojo can give mine a stern talking to and tell it to come home.
    Your offspring sound delightful and that "happiness" list made me sniffle.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. roll on the days of non-phonetic spelling - it annoys the hell out of me as they have to learn things TWICE.

  2. Brilliant list Gaily Yay! You beat me too as haven't even started mine yet!

    LOVE that happiness poem as you know - what a little treasure :P

  3. Loving the list - awesome stuff and how lovely to have a new face on the block as it were! Hoping the massages are helping loads and that you're having a good day! Hugs

  4. Ha ha ha ha, those before/after photos are superb! The poem is brilliant and I think 'Happe' is a wonderful word, and "happe' is definitely 'cudlee tedees' for me too.

    I'll work my way through your blog (I haven't visited before), because your painful bits and pieces sound fairly long term (?). I hope your massaging fairies keep on helping.