Saturday, 25 June 2011

I went out!

...I went out!...or What's Rocking My World Saturday... lol...

Just a quick post to let you know before I lay shaking in the bedroom after all the

I went out!!!!

I decided to try the short walk (with hill!!) to school early today so that I'd have plenty of recovery time Should It All Go Wrong. is me all excited... lol

Jumper dress, although It Seemed A Good Idea At The Time, was far too hot and I got all sweaty. We stopped a few times en route and eventually we got to the school! (Well outside it lol)

After a rest we set off back with Little Myz allowed into the park on the way back for 5 mins as she's Been A Good Girl.

Can't say I feel physically great, but needs must, and I NEEDED TO GET OUT! lol...

So can prob manage that a few next week let's see how the rest of today and tomorrow go...




  1. WTG!!! You must have been stir crazy. Just take it steady. :)
    Big hugs xx

  2. Loving the second posting and so glad you managed a venture out! I agree with Susie now don't forget to take it steady!

    Big Hops

  3. I meant hugs - honestly don't go hopping anyway not a good idea!

  4. Woo hoo! I'm very impressed, not only with the going-out, but also by your inappropriate clothing, since that's exactly what I do in this weather. No sun? Must be sub-zero outside then! xx

  5. whoo hoo well done you. That's great.

  6. Brilliant news, well done you! Whatever you wear at the moment will be wrong - the weather changes so fast.

    I'm rather liking Virginia's 'big hops'!!