Friday, 24 June 2011

Rocking Your World Friday

Worse week grr

Good things:


Good company. A bit clingy but she's always there for me while I'm stuck here in the house

Scary friends

Talking to you on the phone during the most inappropriate times..makes me laugh

New things

Deciding to try something new when stuck in bed, getting the huuuugest needles from your bamboo needle pack and putting two wool threads together and making a blanket for teddy

Yes that's Corrie. Found out this week I have won one of the characters from the Harvey's ads either side of Corrie.. so wonder what I'll get :)

Poor daughter turning it around

Late Weds she fell off scooter- ow

Had fitful sleep and lots of pain lip wise... but in morning she had an assembly at school which she had lots of narrating to do and a very important job to be a chick. Came through with flying colours

Also hubby who took the day off work and gave me photos of the assembly


For sending me this postcard Just Because... to make me smile

So many people have said they will send me things and then not bothered (yes yes, I realise everyone else not stuck in the house has a very busy life and is prone to forget lonely people that are.. :P ) it's lovely to get a surprise you weren't expecting lol

(I didn't hurt myself on the edges- so go me!) ;)

New Laundry hamper

Other very much falling to bits as you can see...

So after many months of ooh and ahhing and a near spike incident involving runabout dog I searched Ebay and got a new one


Have a nice Friday and weekend I hope next week goes off better for us all


G xxx


  1. Lovely to find some gratefuls even during a bad week.
    Hugs to dog (Max has the same role in our house - my constant companion).
    Loving teddy's new blanket.
    And well done to daughter on her assembly. :)
    Hugs and hope that next week is better. xx

  2. Loving your list! Glad you have a companion when you are stuck in! Loving the blanket - fabulous stuff! Sorry your daughter fell but glad she managed at her assembly! Hope the weekend is full of happiness and family and friends! Biggest hugs!


  3. *Ouch* for your poor daughter! I'm sure she was a brilliant narrator and top chick. Teddy's blankie is lovely, he looks very snuggly (don't you love that he needs a blankie in June?!). That's a fab postcard from your sister - don't get complacent, those corners will still be dangerous, you know.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend with your lovely family and dog.


  4. You. Phoned me.

    Poor Samantha. But what a trouper eh?

    I likes your new basket I does.

    Sending you big big hugs.

    Mwaaah x x x

  5. Well done finding the positives hun.
    Bless th pooch! I find animals are even more clingy when we're feeling rough ....or at the most annoying times like crafting - with my cats its bum right on whatever I'm working on.
    Poor daughter, but the show must go on1 well done her for doing fab.