Thursday, 16 June 2011

40th Birthday Board


Myz made this for a friend of her hubby's 40th birthday. Great ambitions for a book were cast aside what with the wobbliness and general yuckiness so it became a board instead as time was at a premium

She started with a board covered with a 12x12 paper from Smirk 'for him' papers...

Each photo was framed with shiny blue card cut out with some square nesties and glittered with blue glitter pens and printed out words were also framed with the same card to give an overall effect not usually seen in a Myz design..... woohooo conformity ;P

Only one word phrases as Myz' brain a little dead right now :P

So here it be hung up with a glittery ribbon:

Myz couldn't get to the party due to 'damn body letting me down yet again' ... she still hasn't got out of the house other than a cup of tea sitting outside the door and general washing hang-uppness that cause much of next day bed staying in-ness :P

..she was. however, rewarded with cake

...and Myz LOVE DA CAKE!!

Nommy nom nom nom!



  1. Love the photo board, and lol at the cake

  2. Gotta love da cake. I'd work for cake too!

    Love the board *cough* *hint* Christmas is coming you know - must have a nice stash of Myz and Whoopidoo pics by now? *whistles*

  3. Love the board and what can i say gaileeeeey has cake . nom nom