Thursday, 16 June 2011

Rocking Your World Friday


This week has been particularly tough- lots of going backwards health wise lots of tears and lots of other stuff that I can't go into

..but having jumped back onto the Rocking Your World wagon last week I really felt as if I should continue....

So here's what rocked my world this week :)

Skinny Cow Triple choc brownies

5 syns... ultra tasty.. nuff said!

My Kids

They really make me laugh (sometimes!) and for that I am so thankful. Too much sh*** going down at the moment yet these guys keep me from dropping off the deep end into the ocean of tears.. love em so much


Never, never NEVER underestimate The Power Of Tea. It's got me through some very tough times and if I ever run low (less than 20 bags) I get the shakes lol... Don't get me wrong I don't drink it all day but... mm... teeeaa....


Ok, so I haven't done any for quite a few days but I managed to finish this last Friday which was a present for hubby's best friend

It was supposed to be a book but shhhh wasn't well enough so used my noggin and made a board

Woohooo see... one of the cruddest weeks I have had for a while yet there are still some things that you can find that are cooooolio :)

Find some and hook your post up with Virginia ... it's always great to hear about what other people are grateful for... it sometimes jogs your own memories ;)


G xxx


  1. Tea. I could give up everything except that. I DO drink it all day. In fact once I've made a cup I put the kettle on so I can make another immediately after I have drunk that one. Total addict.

    Mmmmm haven't tried those skinny cows - must look out for them . I do love the minty choc chip ones.

    Great list again this week Myzzy Myz! Back later with mine which am still writing even after posting early yesterday and causing much confuzzlement!

    Mwah! x x x

  2. I find the minty ones taste too artificial.. or something.... don't really like them.. but THESE HAVE BITS OF BROWNIE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Loving your list. I feel about coffee the way you feel about tea - could do with a drip feed!
    And aren't children wonderful (sometimes!lol) for grounding you and uplifting you.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. just seen where you live - yes, I know where it is..I'm originally from Co. Durham so it's almost at the end of my long trek north!lol

  4. Cool Susie.. pop in for a cup of tea we aren't far from catterick racecourse lol... Been under house arrest 4 weeks so far without anyone even popping in- can you *hear* those violins? lol xxxx

  5. Ah your list is fabulous and exactly what Rocking posts are about! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


  6. That board is fab!! I'm sure it'll be treasured.