Friday, 20 November 2009

Not feeling well at all still...grrr so short on waffle this time but I last blogged in September so thought best let you know I'm still sort of about just resting loads and loads at moment .. *hugs* to people on MSE cardmaking thread not been there in what seems like years. Made a few cards so here they are

...... feel free to email me it makes me smile when I get emails :)


G xxx


  1. Cards look fab Myz!!! Pppplllleeeeaaasssseeee come stop by the card making thread on MSE, we'd love top see you xxx

  2. Wow, some lovely cards there!!! Missed you on MSE!

  3. Ooh how did I miss this post? Snuck that one past me you did. Love these cards as you know :D Especially Ms. Kitty ;) Do come in and say hi on the thread even if it's just to go BLEEEUUURGH!

    Hping you feel well enough for your concert - big hugs!