Friday, 30 July 2010

What's Rocking My World Friday?

....otherwise known as what's keeping me from going off the deep end Friday?

1) My daughter

..... since all i can do on the Wii Fit is weigh myself at the moment, she decided to go on for me.... she does mean yoga positions! :)

2) Ainsley Harriott

I wasn't entirely sure about trying Ainsley's spicy couscous as you can see....

...but it's actually rather tasty and in the spirit of 'messing things about to try to make body lose weight' it's a welcome diversion from my usual eggs or tuna with salad :)

3) My Idiocy

I think what's kept me going mostly this week in between yells and cries is the fact that I am
a complete idiot.... the other day wasn't going well at all until this WKD hat came in the post that I had won last month...

..I had to put it on and try to look 'hard' ...... it's the Gaily law :)

So.. what's rocking your world this Friday?

Please let us know and link up with Virginia and the 'Friday Gang' .... we're not going off the deep end for anyone today cos we is solid!!!!!

(sorry I think the hat's taken me over ;) )


Gail xxx


Oh and I nearly forgot....

4) Cucumbers

(Hmmm do you see a theme developing with my late edits? lol)

The woman next door came round to give me this cucumber...., having only usually seen supermarket cucumbers I haven't a clue whether this weird shaped one is normal, but it gave me a right laugh...

I had been in bed when it 'arrived' to the house so I sent a text telling her that it had made me cry (as in, laughing) .. she sent one back saying 'You're supposed to *eat* it!'

...I haven't a clue what she was suggesting.....



  1. Brilliant post! Am laughing this end. Little Myz looks brilliant on the Wii and I'm loving your Friday in photos :P

    I've discovered what *may* have been tripping me up diet wise. Peanut butter. Been eating it thinking, ooh fibre, lots of toilet goings, lots of weight loss. Nope. And think that may be my downfall - that and exercise or lack of!

  2. Bah I'm not doing anything like that....

    Wahh..... you're going to be slimmer of the week every week now!

    Little Myz loves her Wii :)

  3. *cough* OMG! Much snortling of tea through nose at your edit!!

  4. Well hey there! You wanna know what has rocked my Friday? Reading your blog :-) I love your style, sense of humour and your indomitable spirit. Oh and your cards are great too - that's not an afterthought, they really are! Have a great weekend xx

  5. Lol! Yes, that is what a real cucumber looks like! And reading about the spicy couscous made me realise how thirsty I was and I downed a whole pint of water...thanks for that!