Thursday, 29 July 2010

My First Proper Scrapbook... (sorry very long!)

Ok... this is big....

Well, for me it is!..... I've only ever made one scrapbook before and that was a digital one...

..but I thought having had a Bind it All since December which has seen no use (all well and good choosing Xmas and B'day presents that are great for a crafter) but health not been so good so just been doing 'quicker' things, not learning how to use new things

However, The Time Has Come.....


...the time has come to put away childish things, things that take but 30 mins to make....

Oh yes....

..I am going to make A Proper Scrapbook....

By the end of the Summer It Is Going To Be Finished

..and it will look at least passable lol.....

pass·a·ble (păs'ə-bəl)
  1. Satisfactory but not outstanding; adequate:
So... so what if I can't get out of the house much. On the days I can have a little walk I shall have a little walk.... on the days I am too dizzy to sit up long I shall rest.... but on the days in between...

I....Shall.... Scrapbook

So... what should I make a scrapbook of? I decided my daughter Little Myz to start with... just a little scrapbook of photos taken a year apart to start me off.. after all It Will Be Just Like Making Some Cards eh?

I have intentionally not looked at anyones scrapbooks for a while as I want it to be all me... when I am scared I tend to look at loads of things and they seem to absorb into my head and I think I have a really good idea and it turns out it's someone else's lol...

It's not going to be great.... I don't have inks so I won't even be inking anything....

...but it will be a scrapbook... and my bind it all will no longer cry in a corner.....

So I started with these

Photos of Little Myz taken every year in June. A few minutes with my oval nesties and we have liftoff!

I have a quantity of very long offcuts of mount board that I got from hubby's friend that I decided to make the scrapbook with... it will be a small scrapbook as I don't want to scare myself! :P

A loooong time with a scalpel later and hurty arms (but all my fingers!!!) I have these:

So here we have it.. the beginnings of my scrapbook.....

Please let anyone you know in on this miraculous event... I'm going to need all the support I can get I think lol... I haven't even seen anyone make a scrapbook before....but there isn't much room on there for embellishments so I can't go far wrong

...can I?


Gail xxx


  1. Looks good so far, the only advice I would give is don't stick anything down until you're happy with where it is, keep jiggling stuff arounnd the page until you're happy with it, or how about usung sketches for ideas? :)

  2. Thanks xxx

    Trying to do it on my own as I'm ok at making cards so should be ok... good tip though I always debatee for aaages where best to put things :)

    Already changed the size of the 'pages' though.... tiny wasn't ambitious enough!... only room for the photo and a bit of backing paper so would have been cheating ;)


  3. Well it looks good. Certainly better than my first scrapbook page lol. Mine was just a few bits of ripped up paper stuck down and my scary families faces. EEK! But yeah it is looking very good and I cant wait to see the fineshed project and I agree with ClaireLiz jiggle things round till your happy :)

    P.S. I beat mum to posting lol xx

  4. OI Dev! That's two people called me scary in two days! I'll get a complex at this rate ;)

    Looking good! I wouldn't say you are nicking other peoples ideas - I would say it was them inspiring you. Cos unless you are brilliant at copying to the letter it's always going to have your spin on things ;)I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished book :D

    You should link this to WOYWW ;) Only a day late and all that *g*

  5. whoo hoo . How fab is that . It's looking really good. And the bia is coming out of hibernation too. OOh i'm all excited now i can't wait to see it.

  6. Starting at the beginning and working on the 'New Little Myz' page first :) Lilac and pink :)