Friday, 23 July 2010

What's Rocking My World Friday?

I can resist no longer....

I need to get down in a post every week what's rocking my world every Friday... a la beautiful Carmen.... it's all very well being A Positive Person .... but sometimes when sickness overwhelms and crappy stuff intervenes it's surprisingly easy to forget the little (and big!) things that are rocking your world and make you happy you are here.... so.... positive post hopefully every Friday from now... and if anything I made is posted that day then I *have* to be positive about it..

Hmmm think I'll get my coat.... lol....

No, no, I must keep on... and do it...

...for Carmen....I did done do a promise!

....for my sanity....

...for.... ME!....

LOL any cruddy stuff can be told people in emails and texts... I refuse to post any down stuff here.. any more.... at least on Fridays ;)

Ok here we go.....

1) My Little Princess

She's only just turned 5 but she has a way sometimes of turning negatives into really good positives.... she's also very crafty and spent 2 days unwell at home with me this week yet still managed to give me advice...and very good advice.... on how to make my cards! lol....

Due to problems beyond my control, barring a miracle I won't be producing any more little princes or princesses, so she is My Last One.... she is going to Big School in September... year one! My Little Princess.... *sniff* (happy sniff btw in case anyone screams NEGATIVE NELLY!! at me :P )

2) The view from my bedroom window

Ok so it doesn't always look as gorgeous as this.... but I live on the edge of the council estate so I really think this must be the best view in town! :) ... I have a huge field to look at while I'm stuck in bed (quite a bit recently!) ... people walk their dogs there, children play there, so on a nice day I can have my window open and hear them


*negative comment about 'yes I can hear them if the local kids aren't screaming or drunk adults are also screaming' removed ;) *

3) I can craft!

Ok so it's not earth shatteringly good crafting.... and I've had to find out The Best Crafting For Me at the moment (i.e. lack of scissors and sharp things and not much concentrating involved lol) but this week I have been crafting!

Here are some more from other day:

Aren't they just the best cards? :P

4) It's the holidays!!!!

After today my dear daughter and son will be with me 24/7 for 6 whole weeks!

Oh Joy!


*lots of swearing snipped out by The Negative Police!*

LOL.. what's rocking your world this Friday? I'm sure you can find something... come and link up with Virginia and let us know... or pop along and see what's rocking everyone else's world today...


Gail xxx

EDIT OMG I nearly forgot....


Ok, no, I'm not completely tapped.....

..nearly, but not completely ;)

SALADS are rocking my world today..... I have so so missed them the past week when I've been too unwell to make them.....

I love them! with tuna and cottage cheese in!

They have helped me lose my daughter :)


...and I lovelovelove them... but it's a bit hazardous when you can hardly stand up let alone bringing a knife into the equation

So yeay for salads! :)



  1. Yaaaaaay! I am SO jealous of that view. I'll have to take a piccy of the metal fabricating yard at the bottom of my yard one day! LOL! Mind you out my front window is a green and park so can't really complain.

    Love that you have been crafting this week and love your Little Myz - tell her to expect her late pressie sooooon.

    Did you notice I added a piccy to my feedjit account? Just for you so you can tell when it's actually me stalking you :P

  2. p.s Love the blue teddy - love them all but blue teddy is so cute!

  3. The blue teddy one is from the pack that's current... that's the only one I managed to make that isn't psychadelic... makes my head hurt just looking at it so put it away for now lol


  4. A great positive list Gail (I can relate to the taken negatives too!).
    Love your cards and your view.
    Hope next week is a better crafting week.
    Sue xx
    p.s. I pass by Catterick on my way to the mythical place that is "The North" when going to visit my Dad and my old home. Why do I still think of it as home when I've been married and in the South for over half my life?!

  5. Tuna! *vomits* But can agree with salad full of toms, lettuce, cucumber, pepper, grapes & apple with a wee bitty blue cheese crumbled over num num num!

  6. grapes and apple? blue cheese??

    *double vom*


  7. Hi - just going through the couple of links - it's fantastic that you're joining in even when life get's us down and doesn't seem to be going in the right direction just the moment to stop and make a grateful list can spur you on - I'm a great believer in the power of positive thinking! I'm sending you positive vibes that at least allow you to be able to make salads - although my preference of salad shall remain a secret to save the vomit police commenting tee hee!



  8. What a fun list! Your little girl is adorable, and that's a great photo of her! Good luck with the kids in the summer holidays (he he, mine are 13 and 15 so I'm through the 'what are we going to do today?' phase). Salads? Love 'em all, just no blue cheese, per-lease!! Have a lovely weekend, xx