Sunday, 3 January 2010

Pots of Gold!

Fiiiinally managed to get some pots of gold done.... someone put some new boxed Jack Daniels tumblers on Freecycle so I emailed back about them right away (not thinking I'd get anything as usually people swipe my stuff in 2 seconds but I have never got anything lol...) but luck/ providence/ whatever was on my side so I got them all done :)

The sweets were made for family/friends children instead of selection boxes.... that label took me ages to draw!!!! lol... I think they liked them in the end... However, if my health isn't at least 50 percent better this year I'll be getting the selection boxes! hehehe..... the end I was folding labels in between dizzy fits and falling over times so, as with the cards and pots of gold it was rather a miracle they got done really .....

Ohhh the stupidness of the Myz....


  1. Just fabulous, they look even better now I an nosey at them on a big screen. I bet they were really well received. The glasses were Karma you know :)