Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Odds and Ends

Firstly some weird cards made with Dufex.... I really struggle with it but I was determined to make 2!

..and then some super hero children ...

I think my main buzz-words at the moment are 'skew whiff' and 'diagonal'





  1. They are Super Cool! See what I did there? Super? Super hero?

    Well they are super anyway. That could be a new breed of hero - Super Skewiff :P

    Good to see you making stuff Gail :) Keep your texts coming - even though I can't reply yet they make me look like a loon walking down the road to school chuckling out loud, trying to steer a buggy one handed and veering off left, right and center ;)

  2. Well nice to know I can make someone laugh..I wasn't laughing this morning... blooming weather!!!! ...and I got there and some people who live by me had DRIVEN! THIS!?!?! ... if I could make it there then they certainly can....Lazy, dangerous bar stewards :0

  3. Fab cards, Love the superhero ones x