Sunday, 3 January 2010

Coaster Calendars

Here are some calendars I finally managed to finish by the end of last term for Little Myz' teachers. Sorry it's taken so long to post stuff- health hasn't been good at all again and it was all I could do to finish all this stuff and couldn't blog it too.... stupid health..I asked Santa for some germbusters for Christmas but he doesn't seem to have brought me any so it will be lots of resting and trying to stress less for a while so I can get back to 'Myz' normal' which is about 75 percent of how I used to be lol.... it comes to something when you would be happy with 75 percent rofl....


  1. They are fantastic, you clever lady x

  2. Hm.. I am now left woth 20 more calendars though as I didn't get as many made as I wanted to lol....