Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Special card for my nan

With even the best intentions only three cards been made this year so thank the powers that be that I had a bundle left from last year.

Nan lost grandad this year and I feel such a huge loss even tho I didn't see him often he texted (yes and he was over 90 so woo)  and phoned and had been a great influence on my life...so I really can't imagine how nan feels :( ...all ihave been able to do is send the odd card chock full of hugs and love down to London.damn this body :(...

So I made a big effort to send a nice big card to say thinking of you this Christmas....big as she has loads of trouble seeing so made it big as I could...if I don't get to see her when she's at mum and dads....if I do I can hug her in person and I'll have the card back thank-you-very-much lol

It was made with a flippin' Santa sheet and some really dodgy ribbon attempt with bits that keep threatening to fall off so I hope they survived the post down there....

If you get a chance to hug your nan or grandad or both this Christmas..or anyone you don't see a lot.. give them an extra hug ...with this life you never know do you?


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