Saturday, 15 December 2012

Knorr gravy pots - review

 When I found out a few weeks back that my friend had been chosen to test Knorr Gravy pots there was much a-weepin a-wailin and a-gnashin of teeth... we are big stock and gravy lovers here and we were a little peeved that The Universe didn't know that.. we actually decided to buy some on the strength of my friend's review and they..were....gorgeous.....
It turns out that said Universe had plans for us as this week we received a pack of Knorr Gravy pots to test..when they arrived we actually did a gravy dance (think Snoopy Dance but more brown and wet)
However, being a household that plans its meals it looked like we werren't going to be able to have a play with the deliciousness until we had a Sunday roast but.. I just couldn't wait.... if the gravy pots were half as tasty as the stock pots we were in for a taste bud tingly treat...
AHA thought I .. Friday Night is Takeaway Night.. I'm going to make up some gravy.... we can still test it 'roast wise' but I really couldn't wait hehe
I had a look at the instructions... looked very simple to make.. almost too simple... you know how when things are really easy to make they taste meh....? I was very worried but I soldiered on ;)
Ok Myz... stick the stock pot in a pan with 280ml of warm water... check..
Have a mixy mix around with a whisk while it warms up.. check..
Then we were to boil for 1 minute stirring it and it said then it would be ready...
To be honest I make my own gravy... and it takes blimmin ages.... as it was boiling it looked just like My Real Gravy.. and it smelled diiiiiviineeeee...
Ok sorry I apologise for the after shot of greasy fish and chips but this is what I used it on :)
It tasted absolutely gorgeous.. just like when I make real gravy with juices and simmer for goodness-knows-how-long! ... it was very quick and easy to make and got a thumbs up from the whole family.. man, woman, teen and 7 year old...
..and also the dog who was driven mad by the smells so I put in some water with the teeny amount of gravy left, had a mix, and she had it on her dry dinner food.. and nommed it up completely :)
If you like gravy...*real* gravy.. then try these out....


  1. Ooo, I shall have to invest in a pack of these for xmas dinner then :)
    I hate gravy granules, I'm always left with lumps in it, & as you say the real stuff takes ages, I'd prefer to concentrate on cooking other things.

    1. They taste scrum diddly umptious...just like real gravy :)