Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas Crafty Presents

Christmas kissy for juuuuuuu

Hope you all had a yummy Christmas... I did too but glad I think to be back on Slimming World diet... too much of a good thing is obviously not a good thing as far as my bod is concerned... lol it complained sooo much....

Thanks to the wonders of the Amazon Wishlist I had lots of craftiness present wise... would you like to look at my new stashtastic stuff?

Well I'm going to show you anyway ;)

Got these lovely crafties from hubbster... a craft tote that hopefully can store some of my crafties away from the dinner table in the kitchen so that We May Eat There From Time To Time.... and a lovely border punch set....wooters!

Doodlebug stash set from my Mum and Dad... lots of fun fun sugar coated craftiness that can hopefully be flung together nicely

Nesties!!!!!!!!! ... nuff said... looove my nesties!

Some lovely coredinations cardstock from Mum and Dad.... having never used any before I decided to fling some that were in a sale on t'internet on my wish list so i could have a play At Some Point:

From the delightful Carmen I had embossing plates (have had a play with these and they ... are... *lush*)

She had made me some sort of book...

..but not a book!!!!

If you open it up it contains....



Very craftilicious indeed, young Carmen

Now, if you will excuse me the heating men have just been and our radiators are working for the first time in AGES so I'm going to lay on the bed without a jumper, coat or gloves and enjoy it for a bit while I eat some lovely SW curry :)


G xxxx


  1. Oh you are on top of it - lovely new stash and already eating properly - you're rocking the New Year!

  2. My body is not only protesting - it's threatening strike action! :D

    Lovely jubbly goodies there. Me loves Amazon wishlist me does, me got lots of crafty goodness and book luuuurve from there too :P