Thursday, 5 July 2012

What's been Rockin in MyzWorld this week?

It's been a tough week with much stupid having-to-lay-down-ness and stupid people which has meant for the meantime I have left Facebook for my own sanity lol.. might be back before this goes 'live' as I got really lonely but i doubt it lol....but there were a few times during the week I have been letting out a 'yeay' so here are my positives... btw if some things don't make sense don't try to understand them- I have been writing this all week so it's probably difficult to follow and very tangent-tastic :)

(1) Going Out!

Yeah you heard me.. GOIN OUT!... I walked slowly but confidently acrosss the square and had tea and a chat with my friend about 60 paces away lol... the chattiness and general being outness made me have 2 days mostly complete downtime after but.. YEAY OUT!!!!! I am hoping to do this more often and hopefully at some point there will be less downtime after.. I only wish she crafted... my nearest crafty friend lives in South Yorks so that's completely out... I don't know anyone near although they have craft events in Darlington that would take me and make sure I don't fall over (very embarrassing that! lol) .. and my crafty friend that visits once in a while got herself up the duff so she hasn't been up here in about...2 years it seems ;P

(2) Teacher presents

Been working on wooden hanging apple whatsits for a while now and this week my thoughts are sort of going the right way.. I think.... I even have one..nearly done! :)

..couple of negatives into positives....

(3) The Art of Camouflage

I just can't move about much without much wobbleage at the moment so the best I could do on Little Myz' birthday for her party food was move all the craft stuff to one end of the table :( .. scrappy scrappy... much sad faceage...

..but hey I had an idea!!!!!

Get her princess blanket and put it over!!!!

Et voila!

Not actually that shabby.. lol.. Little Myz was pleased and I even made use of The Mound....

Myz -1 : Messy Table -0

(4) My Guard Dog (lol)

Bless her little doggy paws.. Sophie usually potters about while people get ready for work and school and when they are gone beggars off into a room for a great deal of the day (having thought about it possibly so she doesn't trip me up as I'm not that steady on my feet...) but the past week I haven't even been able to potter and have been in bed and she's been laying right next to me the whole time... and if I am on the sofa she gets up as close as she can to it... so negative- non movement and painage into positive.. aww factor of cuddle-dog

(5) Newfangled Technology

..another neg to pos.... it was Little Myz' assembly today (Well ,Thursday,so yesterday I guess if this goes live when it's supposed to lol..) Wouldn't be able to walk as far as to get to the hall to watch it.. I do hate people staring at me and they do when I wobble or hold onto someone I really have to find a way past it :( .. anyway I digress.... Mr Myz was able to go... again!.... he has great boss I think :) .... and because of newfangled technology he was able to record little videos of it so I could see Little Myz In Action.... and what a proud Mummy I was... Mr Myz spoke to the teacher afterwards and in all their rehearsals it took 15 mins.. apparently 'live' it took 7 .. bless they must have been nervous hehe

..anyway... new technology? THUMBS UP this week :)

I think that might be about it I'm afraid... but woo I WENT OUT! That should count for a whole month of positives!!!! lol


(this should go live on Friday morning- let's see whether it does lol)


  1. The birthday table looks lovely and what a wonderful photo of your daughters amazed face-priceless! Glad you got to see your daughters assembely. A good list of positives all round x

  2. Yay to going out :D

    Little Myz's face is once again a picture, she looks so happy!

    I promise I did not get myself up the duff so I didn't have to come see you :D Slightly drastic... non?

    And YAAAAAAAY for new technology even if I do find it scary!

    Hugs x

  3. Great table and wonderful photo of that cute face! Thanks for sharing. jenx

  4. Anyone who can use the word, 'tangent-tastic" has every right to be "tangent-tastic in their posts. I love it! Hope you get out again soon! I missed why you are wobbly, but like maybe something that's improving???? Best wishes.

  5. Oh Sweetie that's an awesome post even amongst all your wobblyness - going out WOOOOHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's fabulous even if it did mean two days downtime following it - out is out!

    Giggled at Carmen being up the duff and not visiting LOL - what's she like! (Tee hee).

    Loving the birthday tea table and Little Myz looks highly delighted and what an awesome hubby you've got and even more amazing video technology a big wooop woop for that!

    Hope that your weekend is beautiful and blessed and you have less wobblyness and more creativity and happiness with family.

    Biggest hugs

  6. Hi there, my niece was based up at Catterick until her hubby got posted to Germany so I've visited the area a few times.

    Sounds like you have had some lovely positives this week and your daughter's birthday table looks lovely.

    Toni xx

  7. OMG I have just read where you are Durrrhhhh how did I miss that??? I have a pal who runs a class near you on a Monday night Jo and her Mum Georgina are the most amazing folks so do let me know if you would like me to pass on your email addy to find out more.
    A wonderful list of positives and as I come up your way a few times a year to visit Jo and Georgy I will have to see if we can meet up xx
    Huge hugs xx