Sunday, 8 July 2012

Thrifty? Imaginative? Or just plain Tightass? lol

This has been in the planning for a couple of weeks now. I have slowly but surely uploaded the photos to save.. I don't know about you but it usually takes me 3 attempts before the 'add to post' bit doesn't crash /sigh.. but I get there in the end....

Anyway... you can be the judge of what this is ;)

For a while I have done a lot of 'crafty preparation' die cutting things, cutting things out with scissors on the days my hands are behaving etc.. and I don't know about you but I have a box that I put things in.. that could 'come in' at some point..I hate to throw things away!.. anyway I had quite a few large brown thickish envelopes in there so decided one day when I was *very* close to throwing them out to cut them into wee shapes that I could add to cards in the future

Here be the envelopes

..and here be the lubberly shapes (some not so wee) that I cut from them

I was very impressed they looked like 'shop bought' brown paper only better quality lol... impressed, actually, that I cut out some brown and pink ones in the same shapes so that I could layer them at some point :)

.. this cutting out lasted a looong old while...quite few days on and off... but I now have little bundles of shapes in various colours that I can add to cards when I can't do one start-to-finish ... most of the time, actually at the mo hehehe....

They made such awesome cards as this one

..and also the one a couple of Rockin Fridays ago..

So.. thrifty or tightass on the brown paper front? Who knows but what I do know is that preparation makes for a much more chilled out Myz craft wise... do any of you prepare things like this or am I just superweird? lol



  1. They are fabulous I love using something that would otherwise have gone to waste and what you've made is awesome!

    1. Thanks xxx might not be arty like you guys but there us a place for neat angles...sometimes :) It's just nice to know I have some stuff ready for when I need it...and if It's free well all the better really ;)

  2. So very clever - you know how expensive anything remotely brown papery 'kraft' wise is. I don't usually save stuff, I used to but it got EVERYWHERE, mainly my scraps box which kind of exploded. However - when you get a minute watch that video on my Rocking Post - I'm def going to do that!

    SO loving this idea. Definitely thrifty AND lookin' good!

  3. It is a great idea to have stuff prepared and ready. I have little slurges of die cutting but tend to do a fair bit of image colouring so that I have a stock or ready coloured images to dip into when I need to make a card on the quick.

    Love that you were able to make such pretty pieces out of what would have ended in the bin.

    Toni xx

  4. gorgeous. i never think to do that kind of thing but i should.

  5. Wow! Loving your makes...and so eco friendly too!
    That card is beautiful.
    Hugs xx

  6. Very clever and thrifty! Lovely card. jex