Saturday, 7 February 2015


It's a card!

If you don't read my health blog and font know, the huge gap is due to health being a lot worse now atm

Spoil loads of cards when I can actually make i take it slow and do one thing one day, then another on another day, depending on shakiness etc. Running out of decent cards to send so I had to do something ;)

Then after a few weeks and lots of thrown away wasted attempts I have a few cards.yay.

Too many ppl I want to send cards to this body better get a move on feeling better!

Mmmwah xxxx

Got a wee pile from all the months. Will let them out slowly so you don't get too excited ;) plus writing the posts takes flipping ages for me atm....but I get there in the end :)


  1. Well this was worth the wait, very gorgeous it is xxx

  2. Ah hun hope you feel a bit better and get more crafting done

    1. Got just have to blog.them.big hugsx

  3. Fabby card, hope your crafting continues and you feel a bit better soon xx