Monday, 10 March 2014

Winner winner pancake dinner!

Before pancake day I was delighted that one of my Facebook visits resulted in the winning of a super gorgeous pancake kit from Scarlett & Mustard containing a crepe pan, apron, mixing bowl, utensils and some jars of curd
I had never heard of anything other than lemon curd. Surely lemon curd was the king of curds and no curds could be better?.....
Thems were the curds
Lime and mint??!!?? Passionfuit and lemon??!!?? What are these new-fangled curds? lol...
Anyway I wasn't well enough to stand and cook even a little, so on pancake day we gave them a go on toast.
Er.... ma.... gerd.... Ermagerd they were delicious!
As soon as I was able I made slimming world pancakes, to Lessen The Damage .. hehe.. as I would surely eat much delicious curdiness
..and then we Released The Curd and had a vote on Best Curd Ever....
 #1 - Lime and Mint
#2 - Passionfruit and Lemon
#3 - Opulent Orange
#4 - Blackcurrant and Star Anise
I think orange and the blackcurrant one only came last as 2 people don't like aniseed and aren't 'zesty' people so results may vary... so check your local supplier so you can see for yourself. Believe me, normal lemon curd will never taste the same to me again! ...
I will leave you with a word for word quote from Little Myz
This isn't made by someone who just slops things on.... it is made by people who take time doing the making. It is really delicious.


  1. Curds really are the best, glad you got to road test them with both toast and pancakes!

  2. Waaaaw - they do sound delish!