Monday, 7 September 2009

Some random cards

Here are some cards I made recently. The footy one is Darlington for hubby, his birthday was last week. I messed it up as half the people aren't actually in the team any more *rolls eyes* well I don't know... I've not been well... they are wearing Darlo shirts and that's enough for me lol

This one was my first with stitching on- not so sure about it but it obviously has the Little Myz seal of approval as she really wants it in her room lol... so it's got to be good if she likes it, right? ...heheh. Used my silicone glue on it... it's actually rather good, if a little whiffy

Hoping to get back into making lots of Christmas cards soon... started really early so I could get loads done but stupid feeling yuck has kept me from making any recently as I've had birthday cards to make

...and don't mention the 90th birthday photo/scrap book! ...... I decided to create it on the PC as it would be easy... well ok maybe easi-ER... but it's not turning out to be very easy at all.... not sure whether it will be finished by October AGH AGH hehe... I won't put anything here just yet it's not ready for viewing :0 -thankfully I didn't tell her I was making it so maybe I'll fall back on the sherry.... for a present, not to drink myself! ;)



  1. Love the cards . Made me laugh reading about the

  2. Do a BOGOF on the sherry then you can have some too ;)But seriously - if I can help at all with the scrapbook let me know ok? Even if it's sending me the photos and I can mat them up ready to be stuck down or something. I tried digi scrapping once - even with the most basic step by step guide I was still left scratching my head going 'huh?' so am in awe of anyone that can do it :P

    Love your cards - especially the stitching. Little Myz has good taste!

  3. LOL I wish - not really well enough to drink- had some lager and stuff in fridge for weeks and keep gazing at it..then thinking nah not worth making myself ill lol. Emailed you some of the pages I have made so far... don't die laughing ;)

  4. God, drink the sherry and come back to paper and scissors for the gift! Like the stitchy card, very neat! As for footballers - how were you supposed to know!!