Sunday, 13 September 2009

Blog Candies!

Headache... *growl*

Still not quite up to sorting out craft stash and making anything again yet so what little time I had on the PC I've been on and off blog hopping, finding new blogs... getting upset at how everyone else seems to make *way* better cards than me... etc.....

I've tried to comment on as many things as I can as I really want people to know how much I love their cards, but I run out of things to say... people are consistently making perfect cards..... and IT'S DEPRESSING!!!!!!!! ... lol... not sure that came across quite right but how many times can you say 'Wow that's a great card' without people saying...Hey that woman is blog hopping and cut and pasting comments!

...hope that made sense *sigh* I get rather confused when I'm tired.... lately I have been getting more and more confused looks from my Hubby, Son-of-Mine and Little Myz .. when I get tired, you see, my mouth comes up with weird words which I really don't mean... like asking hubby if he wants trifle instead of coffee.... (no it's ok I've been checked out I'm not really a complete loon ... just a big one ;) ) ... anyway, just so you know when you read somethings really weird on here I don't mean it and probably don't mean to confuse :)

Anyway on my travels over the past 2 days I have found (and been shown) many many blog candies that people are running at the moment so thought that I would let you know in a post (if anyone is reading this lol) so you can look at my blog candy bar on the right and see them yourself.. they really are too good to miss!

*hugs* thanks to Carmen for explaining at length how to do blog candy in the future I can link *properly* to the marvellous blog candies out there

So..hmm..this post doesn't seem to have a pic in that's not right.. I'll find a random one from my PC...

Ok here we and I hope to give you more to read in the near future... I blame all you guys with blog candies... all your wonderful giving has tired me out this weekend!

Darlo! Darlo! lol...


  1. You do make me laugh with every post Gail, I don't know if you mean to but you do. And you aren't alone in your confuddled state. I seem to talk gibberish more often than I talk properly lately and it's soooo frustrating. And I've lost count how many times this week I've tried to open the front door with the car keys! Takes me a good couple of seconds before I realise too :D

    My most overused blog comment is 'absolutely gorgeous' I try and think of something else to say and also worry that people think I C&P but I only put it if I do think it and like you say there are only so many words (that I know) :P

    Glad to be of assistance with the linkie, thanks for pointing me in the direction of more yummy candies :P

  2. Thanks for entering my candy giveaway Gail and good luck!