Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Princess Lacey card

Not quite sure what I was on today... looking at the resulting card I think too much sugar and not enough rest....

...aaaaaanyhow.... somewhere's challenge, I forget where right now, not quite with it yet, required lace somewhere on a card... "oooh," thought I... "I have lace somewhere....." so off went I in search of said lace...

... 2 cups of tea, and much pulled-out hair, later I found the lace and as far as I can tell from the results, decided to make a very sickly sweet card... perhaps for a girly girl at some point who knows.... but it contained lace... and even though it's a really horrid pink card... and I couldn't even remember where the challenge was (*) ... I feel like I achieved something today as I actually *made* a card *and* it had lace on.... so take that, not-feeling-well! I have replaced you with happy-I-Made-A-Sickly-Lace card!


Lol... you can stop laughing now and clean up all the spat-out tea from your monitors :P


(*) not that I'd be putting it up for anything anyway....


  1. That's the Crafty Place Challenge - I agree it's very pink - great image - food lol!

  2. Why wouldn't you be putting it up for anything? I love her hair - same colour as mine ;)

  3. I guess some challenges are stilted towards the crud card maker...all entries are put into a virtual hat and someone is chosen at random.... which means people like me stand a chance...maybe I'll enter after all ;P xxxxx

  4. You should enter it. It's a card challenge and that's what you took part in to make it - a challenge to find the lace and include it on a card. I'm glad that you're overcoming the feeling of not being well..now all you have to do is believe in yourself a bit. Great card!

  5. That is beautiful.Don't know why you wouldn't enter it it's really great and has everything the challenge asks for. I love pink and cake lol.

  6. I think this would make a little girl very happy, Love the image.

  7. its great Gail
    I think I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog for the pfp hop - could you please comment again to be entered into the draws

  8. Cute card!
    Thanks for linking my candy - good luck!
    Helen x

  9. I love this card! Love the sweet little girl and cupcake! Lace looks beautiful here!