Monday, 21 September 2009

Christmastastic Smirky Stickles

Hey Hey Hey look! I have actually managed to do something!

Ok, so, it isn't cards per se but it's toppers for cards! ... which I have lovingly coloured and had a play with the outsides of the scallops with varied effects.... some rather garish but I think the stickled outsides are ok.... only got some Stickles last week but now I want them all! ...but being Thrifty-camps-out-on-Ebay-til-she-sees-mega-cheap-stuff Myz I'll only get them if I can buy them for a song ..... so come on Ebay sellers start your Stickle-Singing! lol....and as for the dog- well, I think he's got far too much bling going on on his hat and he's completely coloured incorrectly but.... I think I still may use it..

(Little Myz has been keeping Mummy company crafting and some pics are on her blog here)

...I have to get past the 'my cards are dire' stage and think, well, some people don't even make their own cards and at least I'm having a go. My hands are still rather shaky and it took ages to get these done start to finish (about 2 weeks lol) but it kept me out of trouble and has made me feel better mentally even if physically I still feel like a wrung-out dish cloth hehe... thank goodness for spell checkers or else I'd be talking gobbledygook here... or more than usual anyway ;)

Most are coloured with my WHSmith watercolour pencils (I actually really love the way the hedgehogs turned out!) and some are coloured with my Poundland felt pens lol... poor smirk girls... I really need different pens but I looked at the price of pens all you guys out there seem to use and they are so expensive :0

Whoopidoo sent me the little voodoo man- he's supposed to be very good for crafters' inspiration and I think he's actually rather good....only I am left with far too many ideas I can't put into practise .... come on muscles and stuff..get all rested and less shaky and let's get all these ideas churned out... I'll be like a cardmaking demon! *roar* !!!!

/mush on

Special thanks to Whoopidoo and Craftygranny for the messages over the past few weeks. I love you guys! (No, really, I do! xxxxx) ... being unwell doesn't usually get me down as it's been with me for so long off and on.... but recently I have been feeling rather yuck mentally too (which I hate myself for, I hate feeling sorry for myself lol) ... you two make me smile on a daily basis... so take a star each *mmmmwah*

/mush off

I don't get to see people as a general rule as the whole estate generally keeps themselves to themselves and I don't have people I can get together with and craft... so I pretend sometimes you two are here with me :) ... yeah I'm car-ay-zee hehe

*hugs* all round to anyone who reads this... definitely 2, but maybe even 3 of you ;) ... do remember that you can ease all my whingeing and boredom by emailing me on the link in About Me ;)




  1. The dog is definitely my favourite! Loving his hat - not to much at all. :D Good to see ninja watching over your work :P

    And as for yapping to you, that's what mates do ;) And anyway - Craig would never forgive me if I ditched the big boobed one now LOL! That's the trouble with blogland you meet the most amazing people but they are so blimming far away!

  2. They are really fab, well done you!!!

  3. Brilliant Toppers!! My fave is the penny black hedgehog with the holly :) xx

  4. I think these are lovely its great to make your own toppers. xx

  5. ooh these are great. I'm there in spirit and if you need me shout loud. lol.

  6. Smashing toppers, Myz. I love the hedgepiggy too.

  7. Hedgepiggies! Lovely toppers Myz. Thanks for joining my candy and blog. You have a lovely one too - I will be back. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly - hope you feel better real soon. Happy crafty fun. Ragards to little ones too. Hugs Cherry XXX

  8. Oh these are adorable. I used to use WHS watercolour pencils until I brought Prismacolours. If you look at my blog archive the first half of last year and the year before all my colouring was with the pencils.