Thursday, 17 September 2009


Sorry no pics of gorgeous cards today... still not right... lol shut up there at the back saying I'm never right in the head!! :P

...and you!!!.... you saying you have never seen gorgeous cards on my blog in its entire existence so why should I start now? ! :P

Anyway, I just thought I'd ask the *massive* pool of about 5 of you that actually read (lol) where you go for your digital stamps? I have decided not to even try to stamp for a bit and buy images or print out digi stamps but nothing I have come across so far floats my boat... and on Ebay everyone seems to sell Tilda and Penny Black... I guess there isn't much market for anything else... as people actually stamp their own and are proficient at it (grrrrr.....)

..and if you make your own stamps... will you sell me some?lol... I have taken to colouring in some stamped images I have bought on Ebay and been sent by the gorgeous CraftyGranny... I can cope with a couple before I get too headachy so it's a good way to get things going for when I can actually craft... ooooohhhh... the excitement

You can even email me if you want! ... I managed to work out how to put an email link in 'About Me' ... now aren't I clever? rofl...

Hope all that made sense lol...

*big* *hugs*



  1. Thanks for taking part at my 'summer candy'! Good luck!

    Saskia :)

  2. I've no idea where people get their digital stamps, don't even know what they are... if they are digi does that not make them clip art? Shows what I know, I can barely stamp an image let alone do it on the computer ;)If you put digital stamps in Google there's a list of sites comes up.

    Now to the real reason I came to your blog. Just been on the 2 Scrap Ladies blog, I wish you were going to that :( Would have been so much fun, though I suspect you would have misbehaved tremendously :D :D

  3. Happens to me a lot, hun, lol. Usually I'm happy to hear others' stories of what they have done and where they have been but when it's to do with my new love of card making (lol) I tend to get really jealous hehe - I'd love to go away for weekends but you know what happened with the London theatre thing in a few weeks *grr* - I make plans, get excited and tire myself out I think... I really need to get less excited about stuff hehe... eek, rambling again :P

  4. Ooo Now that is a tuff question as I go to lots of digi-stamp shops but my fav at the moment is Mo's Digital Pencil. Have fun.
    Thanks for linking to my candy and good luck in the draw. Kim

  5. thank you for the link & good luck with my candy!
    Helen x

    PS I will email you back properly laterx