Saturday, 22 August 2009

Waterfall cards- first attempt

Hellooooo did you miss me? What do you mean you didn't know I wasn't here?
Lol... well I know it's really old news to most of you but seeing as I haven't been
very crafty recently I thought I'd ease myself back in gently and have a go at
some waterfall cards... they aren't as difficult as they look are lol

they? ... I must admit that I'll probably make my own if I make any again though... just feels so
'cheaty' to use sheets, but at least it taught me how to do it without totally messing


  1. oooh they are really cool . I have never done one of those . I have some sheets just need to make time.

  2. The tiny ones haven't been stuck onto a card yet and not finished the duck one but I was rather impressed... the small ones are ATCs so maybe I can say I made an ATC at last lol

  3. They look great I've never made a waterfall card either will have to give it a go.