Saturday, 22 August 2009

Let's Make Cards etc

As I mentioned I've really not been up to much recently but trying to get back into the crafting again so I gathered up my Let's Make Cards bits and made a few cards.. even managed to use some of that corrugated weird card that I got in a job lot...doesn't look toooo bad... I just like to have an explore with shapes and stuff... some of the cards are copied from the magazine but some I went off on a tangent with... I really do prefer doing that... I see sooo many cards by people that just look the same... ok they look 100 times better than mine ever do... but I like to think there's some of me in the cards I make... even if it isn't a very creative part *lol*

Oh grr I really can't sort out where my photos go on this.... the photos seem to go where they want even if I put them where I want in the first place.... it's like after I click preview and it's poasting the blog they all say 'Ok Guys, run about!' hehe


  1. Some lovely cards there . I never know what do to do with that coloured corrugated card